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Tuesday, April 19, 2011 @ 03:04 PM
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The mostlitigation revolves around the claim of negligence. The main defendant driver is not accused or intentionally causing the vehicle accident. But it is the cause of error in driving conduct which crated an undue danger if an accidental coverage issues the accident will often be characterized in litigation as resulting from negligent conduct.

Why do human make so many driving errors? The very best answer to this question is buried in the inherent limitations of human information processing. Humans must rely on three fallible mental functions: memory, perception and attention.
Humans have a very limited information processing abilities and must rely on 3 fallible mental functions, when a driver fails to avoid because the situation exceeds these limitations. It is often called human error. In reality it is often the situation that is primarily responsible to it. It is well known very bias human judgment to commit the fundamentals attribution errors.

Sometimes some critical information was below the threshold for seeing – the light was too dim. The driver was blind by glare. In other cases the driver made a perpetual misjudgment. The second and the most common cause is that the critical information was detectable nut the driver failed to notices because his mental resources were focused elsewhere. Often times, a driver will surely claim that he or she did no notices a plainly visible pedestrian these sometimes cause the .
However the overview is general, so we will ignore many details and equivocations that would be required in a more scientific dissertation. Despite of efforts to improve driver safety, including graduated licenses for young adult, still driver or human being plays big role in the cause of .
The failure to yield at a traffic control device usually a stop sign a yield sign can also cause a significant risk to vehicle which has the right of way. Even the side walls airbags, the fact remains that the most car safety device are designed to prevent more injury from the front side collision, because seat belts so not so much to prevent sideways movement.

One most common error of a human being behind the wheel is distraction, as we all know mobile phones are become so very popular these days that many time we do not realize how often we utilizing our mobile phones. Using mobile phone while driving has increased so significantly with in the last few years, anytime during the day, as many as ten percent of all motorist are using a hand-held or commonly called hands free phone. Text massaging is a relatively new form of communication, so there are not many laws in effect that is designed to prevent it from causing .

In order to drive safely, you must give full attention to the road. Drivers the diverts their awareness whether it’s to talk on their mobile phone risk lives of the other motorist on the road and it is the common reason why cars accident occur. Also reading while driving, attempting to read instructions, road map or other materials while driving. Using an electronic devices, attempting to change tape or CD, use an inappropriate entertainment device such as watching DVD while driving, or other similar act can distract a driver from the road and increase the change of Also dangerous passing, attempting to pass another vehicle on the shoulder, in a place with sign “NO PASSING ZONE”, where the line vision of incoming cars is obstructed, where oncoming traffic is dangerous close. Also driving in the wrong side of the road, sometimes it is very tempting to do so in order to pass stopped traffic, and sometimes individual accidentally turn in wrong way on a one way road, it goes without saying that driving in an oncoming traffic lane can be very dangerous and can cause serious .

Dangerous turning, trying to turn from the wrong lane, or suddenly slowing or stopping in a traffic lane upon realizing that you are about to pass a desired intersection, it is also extremely dangerous to other motorist can also lead to a serious accident. Road rage, this happen when both through intentionally dangerous driving act, braking in front of another car pulling up on another driver bumper, or trying to tap another bumper. Worse as road rage incident often happen on highways, accident that result can be very serious and can involve another vehicle in an accident. If you are in to this situation try to find way to remove you from the situation, you can slow down and take an exit. If the mad driver will pursue, try to pull in a parking lot of nearest police station.
Some cause human error some are intentional; some are just happen in an unexpected situation. These numbers of errors can be correct if every motorist will obey traffic rules.


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Tuesday, April 19, 2011 @ 02:04 PM
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I’m an experienced personal injury trial lawyer located in Parkersburg, West Virginia who is licensed to practice law in West Virginia and Ohio. I can help you deal with the hassles of insurance companies, doctor visits and bill collectors. If you’ve been hurt in a car wreck, call me!

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